Dr. Ramla Jarrar

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Employment Summary

Managing Director at MASS
Sep 2013 – Present

  • Founder and Managing Director of MASS (Modelling Analytics and Software Solutions): www.mass-analytics.com
  • Professor at MSB (Strategic Marketing, Data Mining, Marketing and Communication, Business Statistics, Digital Marketing, Marketing Analytics…)

Head of Econometrics at MEC (WPP group)
Jan 2012 – Aug 2013 (U.K.)

  • Directed and developed Marketing Effectiveness Analytics (MMM) through the MEC network.
  • Responsible for the biggest MMM portfolio of clients
  • Partner at Ohal (WPP group)
    Sep 2010 – Dec 2011 (U.K.)

    • Headed consultant teams to run end-to-end marketing analytics projects and delivered excellent service to clients in U.K, France, and Scandinavia…
    • Presented complex information and communicated project results to people at all levels including nontechnical business people
    • Liaised with other WPP companies to ensure efficient communication between Ohal and the WPP group and identify business opportunities.
    • Participated in shaping Ohal strategy and Ohal marketing strategy for the year

    Head of MENA and France Business Development at Ohal (WPP group)
    Jan 2010 – Aug 2010 (U.K.)

    • Prospected and developed Marketing Analytics Business opportunities in the MENA region and France.
    • Set up Ohal France office in partnership with KR Media
    • Directed end-to-end Econometrics project to assist clients globally in understanding what drives sales and profits, forecast the impact from different investment scenarios and optimise future investments for better returns.
    • Provided strategic insight and actionable solutions based on thorough analysis of different sources of information: tracking surveys, panel data, econometric analysis of sales, qualitative research…
    • Helped clients maximise Return on Investments and improve marketing budget efficiency by 20%, typically.
    • Managed and developed long term client relationship and improved client retention.

    Associate Director at Ohal (WPP group)
    Jan 2007 – Dec 2009 (U.K.)

    • Assisted clients strategically and provided ongoing consultancy on different aspects of their marketing: ROI Analysis, Budget Optimisation, Media Laydown, Sales and KPI Forecasting, Media Synergy and Customer Segmentation.
    • Managed and Directed Marketing Response Projects across a wide range of U.K. and global clients covering different industries
    • Coordinated internal resources to achieve project objectives and optimised time allocation to increase project profitability.
    • Recruited annual Ohal intake of trainees, analysts and senior analysts.
    • Managed the personal development and career path of the team.
    • Developed Ohal marketing and communication strategy: advertising material, Ohal credentials, client communication, Ohal participation to the Marketing Insight Show (Europe’s largest research exhibition)…

    Project Manager at Ohal (WPP group)
    Jan 2006 – Dec 2006 (U.K.)

    • Managed various marketing consultancy projects across different industries.
    • Used advanced market research techniques (econometrics, factor analysis, clustering…) to provide strategic recommendations to clients.
    • Advised clients on different marketing areas and helped improve performance.
    • Developed training sessions for new Ohal employees and trained new employees on both marketing and technical aspects of the business.
    • Earned an early promotion to the position of Associate Director.
    • Received encouragement bonus for exceptional performance

    Senior Lecturer at University of Greenwich
    Nov 2004 – Dec 2005 (U.K.)

    • Gave advanced lectures to MBA and MA students: Research Methods, Marketing Communications, Statistics…
    • Supervised MBA and MA final year project.
    • Received excellent evaluation from the Marketing Department for communications skills, quality of course material and classroom pedagogy.

    Project Manager at Maîtrise-Conseil Consulting
    Jun 2002 – May 2004 (Canada)

    • Planned, coordinated and implemented various marketing research projects for Canadian and International companies: L’Oreal, Bombardier, Enterprise…

    Consultant at Maîtrise-Conseil Consulting
    Jun 2000 – May 2002(Canada)

    • Performed market research projects for different companies including Hydro-Quebec, Uniprix Pharmacy, Rosemont College, Eureka Café:
    • Devised and implemented end-to-end quantitative research projects: questionnaire design, data analysis using sophisticated statistical methods (e.g. factor analysis, conjoint analysis, multivariate regressions, variance analysis, market segmentation, perceptual mapping …) and reporting.
    • Carried out qualitative research projects (e.g. focus groups, in depth interviews…) and secondary data analysis (e.g. environment and competition analysis, consumers’ decision making process, consumers’ motivations and perceptions…)

    Ph.D. in Quantitative Methods & Marketing – HEC Business School – University of Montreal

    Jan 2001 – Oct 2004 (Canada)

    • Distinction: Excellent (4.06, in North American system) equivalent to a first class honours degree.
    • Courses: Data Analysis, Marketing Research, Quantitative Models in Marketing, Game theory, Dynamic Optimization, Linear Programming, Co-Measurement Factors Analysis, Foundations of scholarship and communication’ skills /Pedagogy.
    • Honours & Awards: National Ph.D. Scholarship from the Tunisian government, Business School award for publication in a category A international journal ‘Management Science’, the Ph.D. department Excellency fellowship, the Dean of School Excellency fellowship.

    M.Sc. in Quantitative Marketing – HEC Business School – University of Montreal
    Sep 1999 – Dec 2000 (Canada)

    • Distinction: First class honours degree.
    • Honours: Recognized one of the best students by the marketing department and promoted for early Ph.D. studies.
    • Awards: Excellency scholarship from the Business School.

    B.Sc. in Business Administration, option Marketing – IHEC Business School
    Sep 1995 – Jun 1999 (Tunisia)

    • Distinction: First class honours degree.
    • Honours: Recognized the first student in marketing nationwide and awarded National Scholarship from the Tunisian government for Master studies.

    Language Skills

    • English, French and Arabic: fluent.


    Journal Papers

    • Breton M., R. Jarrar, and G. Zaccour. “Feedback Sequential Equilibria in a Lanchester Model with Empirical Application”. Management Science, May 2006. (Also published in the series “Les Cahiers du GERAD” – Canada).
    • Jarrar R., G. Martín-Herrán, and G. Zaccour. “Markov Perfect Equilibrium Advertising Strategies of Lanchester Duopoly Model”. Management Science, July 2004. (Also published in the series “Les Cahiers du GERAD” – Canada).
    • Jarrar R., G. Martín-Herrán, and G. Zaccour (2004). “Markov Perfect Equilibrium strategies and marketing investments allocation in a multi-instrument Lanchester Duopoly.

    Conference Papers

    • Jarrar R., G. Martín-Herrán, and G. Zaccour (2004). “Numerical Analysis of Optimal Advertising
      Strategies in Duopolistic Competition”. ‘Optimization Days’, 10-12 Mai 2004, Montreal-Canada.
    • Jarrar R., G. Martín-Herrán, and G. Zaccour (2004). “Markov Perfect Equilibrium Advertising
      Strategies of Lanchester Duopoly”. ‘Marketing Science Conference’, 23-26 June 2004, Rotterdam, Netherlands.
    • Breton M., R. Jarrar, and G. Zaccour (2003). “Empirical Analysis of a Lanchester Model with Asymmetric Players”.
      EURO/INFORMS, July 6-10, Istanbul-Turkey.
    • Breton M., R. Jarrar, and G. Zaccour (2003). “Empirical Study of Optimal Advertising in a Stackelberggame”.
      Optimization Days, Mai 10-12, Montreal-Canada.
    • Breton M., R. Jarrar, and G. Zaccour (2002). “Studying Feedback Stackelberg equilibrium in aduopoly: empirical application”. Workshop on Optimal