Ula Nur (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine) / Training Associates / Training / Timberlake Consultants

Ula Nur graduated with a joint degree in Statistics and Computer science from the University of Khartoum (Sudan). Upon completing her M.Sc. of Medical Statistics at The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in 1993, she worked as a research associate at the Department of Neurosciences and mental health/Imperial College London for three years. Her main research in mental health and neurosciences was on the relationship between a number of psychiatric symptoms, and personality disturbance. Ula also took part in teaching medical statistics to undergraduates and post-graduates students at the Faculty of Medicine / Imperial College London.

Whilst studying at the University of Leeds, Ula’s investigated the impact of methods of handling missing data on estimates in Cohort studies, with greater focus on multiple imputation. She was awarded a PhD of Biostatistics in 2004.

Ula joined the Cancer Survival Group/ Department of Non-communicable disease Epidemiology as a lecturer in Cancer Survival in December 2005.

Ula has extensive experience with Stata and has given numerous training courses using Stata programmes.

Training & Consultancy

Ula Nur currently co-delivers our annual Stata Autumn School, as well as courses in the Middle East, including Medical Statistics using Stata (a two-part course that took place in Beirut, Lebanon, in association with the Middle Eastern Cardiovascular Institute for Research and Education (MECIRE)).