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Dr. Lorenzo Trapani holds a PhD from the University of Bergamo (Italy) and is currently Senior Lecturer in Financial Econometrics at Cass Business School, City University London. Lorenzo Trapani’s area of expertise is econometrics, and he has been member of the Centre for Econometric Analysis since its foundation. His main research interests are econometric theory, asymptotic theory for time-series and panel data, testing for structural breaks, aggregation in panels, nonparametric statistics and bootstrapping.

Training & Consultancy

Lorenzo Trapani works closely with Timberlake Consultants and currently delivers the Summer/Winter School courses: Forecasting with EViews Summer School, London, UK, EViews Summer School, London, UK and the EViews Forecasting Winter School, New York, USA.

Feedback and Testimonials

Delegate feedback from the 2013 Forecasting with EViews Summer School, London, UK, 10-14 June 2013:

    "The link between theory and software provided a solid knowledge frame and a deeper understanding of forecasting. The lecturer was highly knowledgeable and good in communicating his knowledge."
    "The course content was very rich."
    "I really liked the lecturer’s style of presentation, clarity and structure, and the printed material."
    "Most of the methods handled are extremely useful."
    "All in all, a logically, well-structured, and very well presented course. "
    "Great course and organization."
    "Lorenzo Trapani was very knowledgeable about State-Space Modelling and explained the mechanics of the Kalman Filter very well. He also explained the basic implementation of State-Space Models in Eviews in detail which was very helpful."

Delegate feedback from 2013 EViews Summer School, London, UK, 29 July / 2 August 2013:

    "Dr Trapani is very knowledgeable in the field with practical experience. His style of explaining the concepts is extraordinary."
    "The relationship between theoretical and practical orientation was excellent."
    "I would like to thank the lecturer and organizers for letting me have this wonderful opportunity."