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Joseph M. Hilbe is an Adjunct Professor of Statistics at Arizona State University, Solar System Ambassador with Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, and Emeritus Professor at the Univ. of Hawaii. A Fellow of the American Statistical Association and elected member of the International Statistical Institute, Prof. Hilbe is one of the leading statisticians in the area of discrete response regression models, authoring 2 editions of the bestseller, Negative Binomial Regression (2007, 2011, Cambridge Univ. Press) and bestseller Logistic Regression Models (2009, Chapman & Hall/CRC), in addition to multiple editions of several other popular texts on statistics.

In addition, Joseph Hilbe recently co-authored the third edition of the Stata Press guide: Generalized Linear Models and Extensions.

Training & Consultancy

Joseph Hilbe currently delivers two Stata public attendance training courses: Logistic Regression Models and Modelling Count Data: Understanding and Modelling Risk and Rates in both the USA and UK.