Produce Word® and PDF documents embedding Stata results and graphs

It is now just as easy to produce Word® and PDF documents in Stata as it is to produce Excel® worksheets. Everybody loved putexcel in Stata 14. They will also love putdocx and putpdf.

The new commands work just like putexcel. That means you can write do-files to create entire Word or PDF reports containing the latest results, tables, and graphs. You can automate reproducible reports.

The new putdocx command writes paragraphs, images, and tables to a Word file or, to be precise about it, to Office Open XML (.docx) files. Just as with putpdf, images include Stata graphs, and you can format the objects.

The new putpdf command writes paragraphs, images, and tables to a PDF file. Images include Stata graphs and other images such as your organization’s logo. You can format the objects, too — bold face, italics, size, custom tables, etc.