About Us

Timberlake is a global brand with over thirty-five years of experience and expertise as a supplier of statistical, econometric and forecasting software packages; the delivery of quality training courses; and a consultancy service provider. We provide a total solution to our diverse range of clients across the fields of statistics, econometrics, forecasting, quantitate and qualitative research, epidemiology, finance, political and social sciences as well as data visualisation.

Our vision is to be a world class provider of cutting edge statistical, econometric and operational research software and training solutions. Investment in our core values and staff is fundamental to our success. We have a team of experts specifically tailored to supporting our Middle East and North African customers, so you can be the best in class in your field.


We are an authorised distributor of all software packages held within our portfolio. Our relationships with the developers of the software packages that we distribute are long established and we enjoy close partnerships with the developers of the leading software tools in the specialist technical and scientific fields.

What can you expect when purchasing software through Timberlake Consultants?


Access to a wide ranging, well-balanced set of software packages allowing you to choose the most suitable software package that best meets your needs, either as an individual or an institution.


The ability to source all of your software needs from a single knowledgable supplier.


Take advantage of our expertise both in the applied use of the software through speaking with our in-house econometricians and commercially where our sales team can provide advice on general sales matters, whether for single users, multiple users or multiple sites; together with any pricing or licensing queries that you may have.


Take advantage of our dedicated technical support for all software packages available within our portfolio, training courses, User Group Meetings and FREE webinars and demonstrations when introducing new versions of software to clients.


To help professionals, academics and students to grow and develop their existing skills and keep-up with the latest theoretical and software developments in the statistics and econometrics fields, Timberlake Consultants’ organise training courses and other events internationally, including software user group meetings and free seminars. Generally, we offer courses in three-ways:

Public attendance training courses

We offer an extensive range of public attendance training courses annually. Generally, these intensive courses are one to five days in length and include examples and exercises built around the most popular software packages in our portfolio. As part of our public attendance programming, we also offer a numerous seasonal schools that are usually a week in length and consist of a series of courses whereby attendees can select single, multiple or all sessions.

On-site training courses

On-site training courses are tailored sessions that we hold at clients’ offices, customised to specific requirements. We provide on-site courses using all of the software packages in our portfolio including Stata, EViews, OxMetrics, Forecast Pro, StatGraphics and GAUSS. Structured courses in R, Python and SPSS are also available.

Web based learning

Our webinars (internet based courses) are designed to cater for users who want to focus on specific areas or find it difficult to take time off work or to travel to attend public courses. Webinars are also available to organisations to demonstrate software packages.


Since establishing Timberlake Consultants, we have helped clients gain a competitive advantage by exploiting the links between statistical, econometric, operational research and mathematical modelling and advances in technology and software.

Our expertise can greatly assist clients in defining and implementing solutions to the projects that they are involved in. We aim to provide thoroughly researched and professionally delivered solutions and work frequently with software developers and/or academic associates experts in the relevant fields.