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NVivo for Mac Update 2

NVivo for Mac keeps getting better: new analysis options; new data types. Get started now!

Users offered their feedback as to what they’d like to see next. And based on the feedback,  QSR have released a free update so that NVivo for Mac now offers new analysis options for a wider range of data.

In addition to helping you organise and analyse interviews, focus groups, web pages, observations and literature, NVivo for Mac now supports you to work with survey responses in datasets, use annotations to capture notes and ideas as you work, and ‘see’ your data in new ways with fresh visualisations.

  • Import and analyse Excel spreadsheets
  • Make sense of survey responses within your NVivo for Mac project

You can now import and analyse data from spreadsheets, such as the open ended responses from an online survey. Simply import an Excel spreadsheet as a dataset, then get started with your analysis.

> Learn more about working with survey data in NVivo for Mac

Take a look at the new features

Speed up survey analysis

  • In just a few clicks you can automatically organise datasets by structure

When you’re working with hundreds, or even thousands of responses, organising, or coding, your data can take hours, days and even months. By using the auto coding by structure function in datasets, in just a few clicks, you can easily gather all the responses to a survey into categories for each question. Or alternatively, gather everything respondents have said into categories.

> Learn more about auto coding datasets

Don’t lose another idea – capture everything

  • Use annotations to capture ideas, reflections and mark content for follow up as you work

As you explore and code your text sources make sure you don’t lose an idea thread that you might want to follow up on later. While memos might be best for capturing your reflective thoughts about a topic, annotations are great for making notes about a particular phrase that stands out to you, or marking content for future follow-up. We’ve reimagined how annotations work in NVivo for Mac, they are now easier to use, and situated closer to the content they refer to so you can read them in context.

> Learn more about annotations

Quickly see themes

  • Use beautiful word clouds to quickly understand and communicate themes in your data

Word themes in NVivo for MacIf you need to quickly understand which words are commonly used in your data, try a Word Frequency query. A Word Frequency query is an exploratory feature that lists the most frequently occurring words in your data and can be used to identify themes and analyse common words used.  
Install the update today to view your Word Frequency query results as beautiful word clouds. You can choose from a number of designs, access the underlying data directly from the image, and easily export the visualisation as high quality images to be included in reports and presentations.

> Learn more about working with word clouds

Access these new features: download the NVivo for Mac update now

This update is available free to all NVivo for Mac users, including those currently using free trial software. To download and install it, click on the link below, or follow the instructions you’ll receive via your software.

> Download the update